Remington Electric Shavers – Why They’re Great And Your Best Shaver

There are many brands and competitors in the Electric Shaver marketplace, however only on brand stands higher and more successful than any other. This is of course, the Remington Brand. Remington’s Electric Shaver lineup is a technological achievement. You might think this success happened overnight, but the Remington brand has been strong for decades. Famously in 1978 the president of Remington was featured in one of their commercials. He was quoted saying “When my wife bought me a Remington Shaver, I was so impressed I bought the company”. Turn the clocks ahead to today, and it’s no secret that Remington Shavers for both men and women are one of the most popular items amongst millions of consumers.

Today all Remington Shavers are electric and either powered by batteries or with power cords. This was not the case in the early days. Some shavers were actually manually spun using a flywheel, crazy right? Well with today’s technology, Remington has created dozens of different models of shavers, each with its own unique prices point and feature list. There are two main types of shavers that Remington produces today. These are two different technologies, but they both produce the same result. If you are not familiar with electric shavers, the two types to choose from are Foil Shavers and Rotary Shavers. Both of these give you a fine close cut, both are electric, and both do not require any type of shave gel to work.

Great news for you can have another shaving option with Remington Electric Shaver’s selection. Now allow me to show you an alternative shaving solution pioneered by Remington technology. This time you can enjoy a big difference in your grooming experience.

1. Precision Cutting Technology

There is nothing to worry about for you can achieve that clean-shaven guise. Sharp cutters are integrated on electric shavers that can absolutely do the job for you by simply sweeping all those facial whiskers away. No wonder, built-in blades are considered as significant parts of every shaver. Of course, these mini wedges are not exposed on the exterior unless you would like to end up with nicks and cuts on your face. These cutting blades incorporated on the unit’s interior are propelled by the motor to do the shave off, efficiently. In turn, Remington electric shavers take pride of its titanium-coated cutters for tough trimming pursuits. The titanium finish seals the blade with durability and resistance.

2. Foil Shaving System

A foil shaver features a screen, also known as a foil. Behind this foil is a blade that moves back and forth. The blade is the mechanism that trims your facial hair, and the foil is simply a protective barrier between your face and the blade which also lets your hair come in contact with the blade. I like to compare this to a screen door that has holes big enough for small bugs to fly through. The screen can be thought of as the foil, and the bug as your hair.

3. Rotary Shaving System

As for sensitive hair-trimming activity, Remington has its own selection of rotary shavers. These are equipped with special shaving techniques courtesy of 360-degree pivot and flex technology. Basically, it is consists of adaptable shaver heads moving in multiple directions for that full sweep. In fact, you can find three floating heads that pivot 360 degrees for an ultra comfortable shave. Good thing it applies even on delicate shaving regions particularly down the neck. Not just that, these units are also eligible for cordless operation being equipped with rechargeable battery.

4. Cleansing Shaving System

Another innovation from Remington is the cleaning system variety. These are comprised of shavers incorporated with Advanced Power Clean System. This particular cleansing technology boosts the performance of the unit by way of keeping it spanking new at all times. It facilitates lubrication and renewing functions to bring the blades back into perfect shape. As ShaverGuide.Net reported, your shaver becomes spanking new once again right after pressing the cleansing button ready for another round of hair trimming activity. And these stuffs are also washable in form for easy cleansing to flush out shaving debris easily. Rest assured each of the Remington electric shavers would be a great investment for you.

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